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  • Neurologist Testimonial: Advocated use for restful sleep for over a dozen people with refractory insomnia, PTSD
  • Ron C. Testimonial: Improved Sleep, Used for 3 Years, No More Night Sweats
  • Sara G. Testimonial: Made a difference for child with ADHD and ASD
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  • History of Sound Therapy

    Sound healing therapy has been used for millennia across the world. Ancient forms of sound healing such as singing bowl meditation have been used in Tibetan and Buddhist cultures. Other ancient comforting sounds include gongs, church bells, wind and rain. Ocean sounds have been written for millennium as a natural sleeping pill. The low frequency of chanting is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and restlessness.


    What these ageless techniques and instruments have in common is that their sound spectrum (frequency range) overlaps with the Gamma-band activity (GBA) frequency range, from 30 to 200 Hertz (Hz). The GBA has a role in various cerebral functions such as perception, attention, memory, consciousness, synaptic plasticity, and motor control. 40 Hz GBA is believed to balance the excitatory and inhibitory neural processes in the brain which is important for overall brain function and information processing.


    SOUND+THERAPY is a natural sleep solution that replicates ancient sound therapy techniques. It generates custom "beat sounds" with a fundamental frequency of 40 Hz, falling within the lower range of gamma brainwave activity (GBA). It is designed to stay self-calibrated within a range of 0.01 Hz. This frequency has been shown to promote sleep and relaxation. Due to the complexity of producing these custom beat sounds, ASTI sound experts have developed a special proprietary speaker that can generate such a low frequency at an affordable cost.

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Why Gamma Therapy?

Gamma therapy reinforces naturally occurring frequencies in the brain that are important for various cognitive functions. The brain is an electrochemical organ that responds to both electrical and chemical stimulation. Instead of using chemicals, try sound therapy, a non-invasive alternative, with no prescription needed. The 40 Hertz frequency has been increasingly focused on by several human studies, with more to follow.

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Beneficial Features

SOUND+THERAPY is high quality and comes with a variety of useful features:

  • 4 Different Beat Sounds
  • 9 Calibrated Volume Levels
  • Beat Blends Into Background
  • Optional Synchronized Lights
  • 4 Gamma Light Flash Levels
  • Optional Fan Sound Mode
  • Timer & Headphone Jack
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About Us

Established in 2008 with the goal of promoting better sleep, Adaptive Sound Technologies specializes in cutting-edge sound products. Leveraging a portfolio of patents, ASTI has developed innovative sleep products designed to enhance sleep quality. We are continuing our commitment to providing advanced solutions for a restful night's sleep with our newest product: The SOUND+THERAPY!

How We Started

Our CEO received a call from Dr. R regarding creating a gamma sound machine, prompted by his elderly family member's cognitive impairment. Dr. R learned about this therapy during a lecture by an MIT researcher on the medical applications of low-frequency notes. Studies on the 40 Hz frequency have shown improvements in brain function in animals with Alzheimer's disease. Dissatisfied with existing gamma products, Dr. R believed Adaptive Sound Technologies could develop a suitable gamma sound and light machine. Now the SOUND+THERAPY has been created and has helped many.

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