• Restful Sleep for the First Time in Many Years

    "My experience with Sound Therapy dates to approximately the last 4 years. I have advocated its use in more than a dozen people with refractory insomnia, several of whom had severe post-traumatic stress disorders, related to war related conditions. Anecdotally, the majority experienced a profound improvement using the device, with some reporting several hours of restful sleep for the first time in many years to decades."

    -MH, Neurologist

  • Enhancement in Sleep

    “In a placebo-controlled study by 34 participants with over 163 nights of sleep, we've observed a significant improvement in sleep quality among participants using ASTI’s Sound+Therapy machine. By analyzing EEG readings, we found a distinct difference in sleep patterns when compared with the Sham (control) condition. Notably, there was a marked enhancement in sleep maintenance, with a reduction in awakenings after the onset of sleep, and an overall increase in sleep efficiency. This underscores the efficacy of ASTI’s Sound+Therapy in fostering a deeper, more restful sleep.”

    -Jonathan Berent, CEO, Founder NextSense, Inc

  • My Sleep Improved Greatly

    "I have used the SOUND+THERAPY for 3 years, I call it my “sleep buddy”. For my entire adult life, I have had trouble sleeping, waking up very frequently, with bad dreams and night sweats. From the very beginning of using the SOUND+THERAPY my sleep improved greatly sleeping 3 to 4 hours uninterrupted without waking up plus my bad dreams improved and I have had not even one episode of night sweats! A friend of mine with similar sleep issues as me, including night sweats, has used the Sound+Therapy with the same result that I’ve had. With complete confidence, I can recommend the SOUND+THERAPY."

    -Ron C.

  • Made a Difference For Our Family

    "Having a high-needs child with ADHD and ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) has meant struggling to find something- anything- to help my daughter succeed in a world that doesn't understand her. She has always had a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, regulating her emotions, staying organized, etc. Since she started using this machine, we have finally found some relief. She finds the gentle sound soothing so it doesn't distract her as she's falling asleep, she has an easier time staying asleep, and the benefits of a good night's sleep have helped her in so many other areas of her life. The days of meltdowns are fewer and farther between now, her ability to stay focused at school has improved, organization and prioritization have been less of a struggle for her, and her executive function skills overall have really turned a corner. I'm so thankful for this machine."

    -Sara G., WA 

  • Waking Up Feeling Refreshed

    "...I am so impressed and completely sold on this machine. It has made my life a lot better as I'm now able to have a full night's sleep waking up feeling refreshed and in a happier frame of mind..."

    -I. Ralphs, Orlando

  • No Longer Uses Melatonin

    "I can report that my son is now 14 years old. He has not stopped using the machine since he was 12.  He uses it every night to sleep. He never forgets to turn it on every night.  He no longer uses melatonin; he believes the machine is working as he has not stopped using it."

    -Luz S., FL

  • Happy grandad and granddaughter
  • mom with daughter and son on bed
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